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12/07/2020 Blackheath




By contrast with the last two weekends today was almost a flat calm.  There was occasionally sustained air movement from most of the compass points!

Zens with green race and a Robertshaw sail were occasionally in the air.

I had hoped to fly the early JMH delta kite having been wondering how to re-spar it since breaking a bamboo component at the previous flight last year.  I had prepared some 18mm dowel and aluminium connectors.  I was aware that there was a potential weak point and so it wasn’t a complete surprise that the sail filled and then with a loud report the kite collapsed!  Back to the drawing board!

I went on to fly the late JMH delta and the 1991 Decs Rokakku.  Both were quite hard work in the occasional breeze from whichever direction.  The Rokkaku runs away with line quite forcefully but the delta requires a more hands-on-the-line approach maintaining  some tension at all times.  It was good to fly it in this way even if there is a risk of line burn.




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