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05/07/2020 Blackheath




Another windy forecast had me looking back at notes for July over the last few years to find that it had generally been a light wind month.  I can remember Washington Tyne and Wear events with blustery conditions, not least when a Cody train broke loose.

On Friday afternoon the forecast windspeed for Sunday was 19-38mph but it was a bit less on the day c16-32mph.

So we were all on RSS kites.  These have proved to be a very successful design, lightening the line loading but maintaining performance.  We had a good session without calls today.

I also managed to tune the Peter Lynn pilot kite following the simple instructions regarding the “B” bridle.

The JMH 1986 Flare that was damaged last Sunday has been repaired using oversewn dacron.  This replaced a previous sticky tape repair.  A similar preventative fix was done on the other vertical pocket.  I also attended to a small repair on the JMH Della Porta: Eight rhomboids 1993 yesterday.




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