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28/06/2020 Blackheath




The forecast was for c15-30mph and cloudy.  We had the wind but the cloud was broken so there was quite a bit of sun as well.

RSS kites and an Xtra Vent because Martin arrived first.  There were some lulls but mostly it was constant with gusts blowing through.

My plan for today hit an early problem which was not resolved on the field today.  The pilot kite that I had planned to use needed tuning and while I found that small incremental corrections to the bridle did make a difference I did not hit on Peter Lynn’s solution from 2010:-  ‘To pull a Pilot kite to the right, shorten "B" bridle on the right. - End of story!’

So that will have to await another occasion.  A launch of the 1986 Flare resulted in an arc to crash landing.  I knew that the bridle needed further adjustment but have paid a price for over confidence.  One broken spar and a split sleeve end will need to be fixed.

We could see that showers were forming so left a little earlier than in past weeks.  Turning back to the A2 roundabout proved to be a quicker route to the tunnel approach.  There were a few spots of rain as I unloaded the car back in Hackney!




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