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19/07/2020 Blackheath




Low clouds, a light northerly breeze, sometimes the forecast 7mph, often less and intermittent light rain which being very fine/small droplets would be called ‘drizzle’ in may parts of the country!  Even in the light breeze it was arriving horizontally.

I set up the small Peter Lynn pilot kite on 4mm polyester braid for ‘target practice’, but really to see how it behaved in marginal conditions.

We flew full sail 1.5 Revs with race rods without calls and with occasional interaction with the pilot kite because we can!

I am anxious to fly the JMH Asymetric Kite Stack 1995 again as there is some configuration adjustment needed for the front set but today would not have worked.  Too much weight, at about 6 kg, without sails and tails getting wet as well.  I took the late Della-Porta: Four Squares (which has a similar design to one of the middle sets of the Asymetric stack) but the light breeze and damp conditions did not feel right at all.

After a run of good weather from the middle of May the last 3 Sundays and today have been a disappointment.  Too much wind for two, too little on one and wet today.  A forecast for next Sunday is suggesting rain again!




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