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04/08/2109 Blackheath




Writing this on Monday afternoon as I was busy dealing with images yesterday afternoon.

It was a diverted outward journey to Blackheath because of the London Cycling event.  Martin had set up a Zen on green race and that was entirely appropriate in the light SE breeze so we flew close, no calls for an indeterminate period of time.

Then, as had been previously suggested, I started to put together the JMH Triple Malay stack 1988.  During the course of the last week I had established that Jørgen had flown this kite at Washington, Tyne and Wear in July 1989.  The Decs had attended that event but only really met up with Jørgen later in 1989 in West Berlin.

As we constructed the ‘train’ it became apparent that it was probably going to be possible to fly it in the light breeze.  We were constructing it ‘the right way up’ and the front kites were raring to go!  It did fly at the first launch but it was clear that something was not quite right.  Finally we saw that the front left sail had a tip wrap.  Once this was sorted and then another couple of wraps were resolved the stack flew perfectly.

It was extremely satisfying to put together a kite that had been made 30 years ago and which looks so good in the sky even against all the kites that have been designed in the interim.

The forecast for next weekend at Southsea Common, Portsmouth does not look great at the moment but we will of course fly whatever we can over the weekend.




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