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28/07/2019 Blackheath




Westerly 13-15mph gusting 20 plus so it really was at the limit for testing kites today.  I waited for a lull and did manage to launch the JMH Flare kite from 1986.  It has recently been spotted with Jørgen in photographs from the 1989 Washington International Kite Festival in the UK.

I had replaced the missing lower spreader and was concerned that I had not made it tight enough against the retaining knots.  Indeed, it might be that it was missing because it had fallen out in flight and not been replace at the time.  There was a slight tendency for the kite to wander to the right but that was only evident in the strongest gusts.  The rest of the time it was just pulling hard at the top of the window.  Dull and overcast so no point in attempting to photograph it in the air.

For light relief I switched to the Rev 1.5 RSS prototype with the full lightweight frame.  All very familiar and relaxed despite the varying breeze.

Next Sunday we have to deal with pre-Portsmouth logistics.  Too much kit for one car really!  I also have to figure out what to take apart from the team kites.  Spoilt for choice.




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