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10/08/2019 After Portsmouth




The forecast played out surprisingly accurately.  On Saturday the wind was about 30mph steady but gusting to about 50mph.  We did not try to fly anything.

On Sunday the breeze was about 20mph gusting to 30mph plus I think.  We did do a number of ‘routines’ but were somewhat hampered by an underpowered PA system.

Ashley did manage to call a routine for a small mega fly along the lines of the Italian black sail performance.  It is quite long but I got the impression that it was appreciated by the audience as well as the fliers.

I really did not feel confident about flying any of the JMH kites but we did set up half of the expansible box kite and I did eventually get to feel the strength of pull flying it without the bridle lines.  I also put together one section of the 1985 Rhombus-shaped kites and found out why some of the lines in the bags were so severely twisted.  That will need fixing in some way!




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