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02/06/2019 Blackheath

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I had hoped for 8-10mph today but it ended up more like 13-15 with significantly higher gusts.  Full vent 1.5s with green race were ok most of the time.  I had not taken the RSS kites so that was not an option.

During the week I had prepared a light wind frame for the large JMH delta and also modified the frames for the two Rok and Rev JMH Rokakkus which need further bridle adjustment.

Today I opted to put together the JMH Edo from 1995.  The fact that the bridle took a considerable time to untangle should have been an indicator that this was not really the right kite for the day.  In the event there was too much breeze.  This really is a light wind JMH design!  Good to spend the time looking at the configuration anyway.


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