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28/05/2019 After Scarborough




The weather forecast for the weekend indicated that Saturday was going to be the day that offered the opportunity to fly JMH kites as well as the Revs and possibly Rev stacks.

On that basis we set up with the full banners and tent configuration first thing on Saturday.  Not Zens were the right sail all day with green race as usual.

We flew the three large JMH Rokkaku kites with the light weight frames and they looked stunning together in the sky.  There was not quite enough breeze for the Della Porta: Eight rhomboids kite but it appeared to be completely viable.  We did try the Della Porta: Nine squares but once again it exhibited the oscillation with the top of the kite dropping down.  Two spars were broken on impact with the ground.  We will have to have a close look at the bridling before further attempts to launch this kite.

The Rev 1.5 eight stack was flown towards the end of the afternoon.

There was rain first thing on Sunday morning with a blustery westerly offshore wind throughout the day.  The Rev RSS kites worked reasonably well even in the strongest gusts but it was hard work.  We did not put up banners or the tent and used the car as our base…

Monday started with the same blustery conditions but as the wind direction slowly changed from west to north it eased somewhat and certainly became more consistent and without the wild changes in direction.  RSS sails were again all that we were able to fly but as there was little else in the air that was not a problem really.

Travel to and from the event was not too difficult for a Bank Holiday weekend with a total mileage of just over 500 miles.




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