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19/05/2019 Blackheath

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Cloudy today with occasional brightness and the threat of a shower.  Light NE breeze which was mostly steady.

Zens and CR sails mostly with green race were comfortable but I did feel somewhat constrained having woken today with an aching left leg.

Despite the discomfort I did put together the Della Porta: Nine squares 1993.  All seemed ok but there were some questionable knots on the bridle ring and an odd overlay of a couple of the individual bridle lines.  As the last time that this kite had been flown five spars had been damaged I was not overly hopeful.  The first launch was too short but the kite was certainly tracking to the centre of the wind window.  The second launch was longer and appeared to be going well until the top edge of the kite dipped and caught the wind on the back of the kite.  The kite was grounded and nothing actually got broken on this occasion but obviously something is not right.

A light shower meant a quick pack away of this kite and then a further short Zen session.

I may stick to the other two Della Porta kites for Scarborough!


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