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09/06/2019 Blackheath




Zens with green race today gives a measure of the breeze from the SW.  Mostly fair weather cumulus in long standing lines with very high cloud gradually thickening.

There were occasional lulls which made a perfect excuse for putting together some of the JMH kites.

First up was the re-framed late Delta.  Mainly 10mm carbon tube but with a re-purposed Rev SLE spreader.  This is a very good light wind option now.  I note that this was flown on the rear connection point.  I tried the middle point but the sail was immediately spilling too much air, not enough brake, one might say!

Following this I put up both of the 2m Rokkakus having split the main rods for portability.  The yellow kite flew perfectly straight away, the blue kite needed the lower bridle shortening slightly, a clove hitch around the 5mm peg that I had prepared before leaving Hackney this morning.  I had remembered both kites as being slightly unbalanced but they were fine in ‘just enough’ breeze today.

I had repaired the Edo after last weekends attempt but will wait until the missing diagonal ribbon fixing is replaced before trying another flight.

I have decided that the Della Porta: Nine squares is probably needing stronger spars and have discovered that Not Zen green race rods with a short carbon rod supplement will fit inside the white fibreglass rods.  This may be the next week’s project in addition to de-rusting one of the ‘stairway’ kites…




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