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Jason Pinko

Argonaut Rigging


Good Morning everyone. 47 year old male 5 foot 9 - 190 lbs and strong as a small ox! Kite flyer......    


Ormond Beach Side Florida ( Daytona Area). I walk to the beach from home regularly 7.238 minutes walk and go fly a kite regularly to de-stress from work and life..      Delta and framed stunt kites are my favorite!!!!      


I have some questions  ...........

I am a stunt kite enthusiast ( two string ) Prism has been my brand for e v e r ...........

Now that I have absolutely shredded my 3rd older quantum in  some high winds let's say ( 35 Knots and years of abuse ). I just bought another Quantum 2.0 -  the updated model.


SOOOO........       I stumbled across your Revolution Kites online. Now I want , need , gotta have one........   LOL.  The four string control is amazing!!!!!!!      Watched all your great videos and need to ask questions.


Wind here is no problem. We have a sea breeze to a full blown gale at any given time. I am a sailboat sailor by trade.


I have looked over your product line and the the model with reflex sounds like the beginner model. Probably my best choice to learn 4 strings.  Can I detune the reflex system to learn 4 string and then crank the power back up??????


I am already thinking a little further ahead for those full blown gale days as I love the power kiting options. When it comes to a power kite , the problem local / here on my beach,  is the beach is short from the last couple years of hurricane activity.  I really don't want to big a power kite to get drug on to the power lines.....LOL......We are losing beach real estate fast it seems. So do you have any recommendations from 5 to 35 knots. And I will be that guy on the beach flying a kite on gale days!


Thanks for your time folks. I am stepping out of my 2 string realm and wanting to learn something new. 


Bring on the info!



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