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Line sleeving

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Just saw this!

Next time...when it's raining, snowing, sleeting, gusting to 60mph...we should all go in the condo and have hot chocolate and a mini sleeving clinic!

I'll show you next week when I see you smile.png


Excellent idea, I look forward to plenty of rain and sleet next weekend...wait...I take that back. We can have a sleeving clinic even if it's sunny, right?

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If dyeing is a hassle, try using Sharpies!

You read my mind. I have sharpie's in my line building kit, and my line bag for field repair or tuning.

They bleed very slowly, so the older the line set, the wider the bleed.

Analog aging meter I guess.


Cody... When you going to cross over to West Seattle to play.

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Check out the fishing department for Planer Board Line. I have florescent yellow and orange. Its Dacron 130 lb test and hollow core. I had both for years. A spool is 150 feet and will last a long time. Also use it for making draw strings in bags and many other things. I use yellow for left and a dab of black sharpie on the bottom lines

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