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  1. hawkeye

    Kite Stakes

    I was talking about John B from Kitelife.He has since said that LS Kitestakes are no longer in business.So now Ill just stick with I've made,a golf ball on a spike. Cheers Dave M
  2. hawkeye

    Kite Stakes

    I found them they are made by LS Stakes
  3. hawkeye

    Kite Stakes

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a kite stake like John uses. Cheers Dave
  4. Sorry Pete I'm in Australia.
  5. Has anyone attached a GoPro camera to a Rev? David M
  6. When you fly your kite you hold the wind in your hands !

  7. Does it matter if the sail is wrinkled or is it just for looks
  8. hawkeye

    Leading edge

    Hi Guys, I come up with an idea (and it works).If you are having trouble fitting your LE together ...ie.. fitting the end rods into the ferrules ( like I did ) all I did was to bevel the end of the ferrule just 1 millimeter,and it worked a treat... much easier to put together.I haven't found any downsides with doing this,any comments.?
  9. I like you mantra Terry :>)

  10. I like you mantra Terry :>)

  11. Hi Dave,

    Yes still playing with toys!

    My mantra is

    "He who dies with the most toys wins!"

  12. Hi Guys, How do you get rid of the flutter when your flying
  13. Thanks Wayne I do that with the handles and the kite does go straight up,I must be doing something right or I'm just lucky
  14. I wasn't sure because the sleeve that came with it has B-Pro printed on it.
  15. I like the orange too. It looks GREAT in the air.It's a std sail.I have saved JB's tutorial and had a few views.Ive read where the top and bottom should be the same on the SLE. No mention on left or right.At the moment all I do I pull them to the same lenght
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