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  1. hawkeye

    Kite Stakes

    I was talking about John B from Kitelife.He has since said that LS Kitestakes are no longer in business.So now Ill just stick with I've made,a golf ball on a spike. Cheers Dave M
  2. hawkeye

    Kite Stakes

    I found them they are made by LS Stakes
  3. hawkeye

    Kite Stakes

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a kite stake like John uses. Cheers Dave
  4. Sorry Pete I'm in Australia.
  5. hawkeye

    GoPro camera

    Has anyone attached a GoPro camera to a Rev? David M
  6. When you fly your kite you hold the wind in your hands !

  7. Does it matter if the sail is wrinkled or is it just for looks
  8. hawkeye

    Leading edge

    Hi Guys, I come up with an idea (and it works).If you are having trouble fitting your LE together ...ie.. fitting the end rods into the ferrules ( like I did ) all I did was to bevel the end of the ferrule just 1 millimeter,and it worked a treat... much easier to put together.I haven't found any downsides with doing this,any comments.?
  9. I like you mantra Terry :>)

  10. I like you mantra Terry :>)

  11. Hi Guys, How do you get rid of the flutter when your flying
  12. Thanks Wayne I do that with the handles and the kite does go straight up,I must be doing something right or I'm just lucky
  13. I wasn't sure because the sleeve that came with it has B-Pro printed on it.
  14. I like the orange too. It looks GREAT in the air.It's a std sail.I have saved JB's tutorial and had a few views.Ive read where the top and bottom should be the same on the SLE. No mention on left or right.At the moment all I do I pull them to the same lenght
  15. I agree with you Jynx they are MUCH prettier.I also have std non vent SLE but the Eyez seem a LOT better to fly,more easy to control and more manouverable. Just wanted to know coz it came with a sleeve with B-Pro printed on it
  16. This is probably a silly question but here goes.I fly by myself (cos theres no other Rev flyers that I've found here ) I have a lot of fun and I think that I'm not to bad at flying,heres the silly question,how importaht is line lenghts.My top and bottom are within about 1/2 an inch of each other is this ok ? I fly an eyes masterpiece is this a B pro
  17. Its great to see someone my age playing with kites too lol

  18. hawkeye

    15" Handles

    Hi All, Just got my new 15" handles I haven't got to try them out yet.I was surprised to see that there is a very short brake line ( the bottom ones) they only have two knots for adjustment, is this the go with these handles or would I be better off changing them with longer ones with more adjustment to them.
  19. hawkeye

    Different Spars

    Hi Guys' Recently I have seen two different 1.5 spars,one has a gold sticker on them and the other has a silver sticker with 3 feathers on them,is there a difference in the two and if so which is the one for me?
  20. This may sound a little un-revaholic but dont get me wrong I love my two Revs especially my Eyes Masterpiece.I have just seen a video of one of these HQ mojo kites and they look like a lot of fun.My queary is do you think one of these kites would be a step backwards from flying Revs
  21. And don't even try if you have two little kittnes around,I tried and it wasn't pretty
  22. Thanks Mark,I've been flying for nearly 2 years now and want a bit more of a challange right now. Cheers David M
  23. Thanks Rob,Ive got a B Pro 1.5 Bazzer eyes masterpiece would the 15's be OK with this kite
  24. Hi Guys, I saw this topic before but now I can't find the thread.What is the advantages and disadvantages if any of using 15" handles and how do you measure them
  25. hawkeye


    G'Day Guys I hope you can help me out.A while I saw some handles with really fancy art work on them,has anyone else seen these and if so could you point me in the direction to them
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