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  1. yes it a tax problem to get it outside EU for me. if i do many times it get 2-4 time expensive. i normal get from metropolis drachen but they dont do much in revolution.
  2. never got around to getting the new LE because my local dealer dont have them. so i think i want to try a other brand like skysharks but the Rev1 is 108" and the P300 one rods is 33" and x 3 is 99" its to short then only rods i have there is long is call Exel, dont know if they are any good.. he only have the green race frame for is but i cost 240$ wish i think is too much.. do any of you have some ideas ?
  3. The lines one your handles how long to the first knot and how much I between knots. Both on top and bottom line What is you favorited lines setup
  4. well okay, i know there them and masterpiece, but i guess yours are like the other we other user like std, mved or vented.
  5. it just said on the site come with green. i would just like to get a black instead if it was possible..
  6. is i just thought it would be nice with one bag.. but may have to get 2
  7. is there a Shook mesh dealer in the EU
  8. Well which rev would you buy if you had following in you bag 1 Rev 1 sedwick 2 Rev 2 standard 3 SLE 4 Shockwave 5 20th anno. 6 B-Series standard 7 B-Series Vented 8 Pro standard 9 Pro mid vented 10 Pro vented 11 Zen 12 NYM 3Vented
  9. hope its okay to ask here, on the main site say there is green race frame in all NYM but my understanding is Green race for higher wind, so why is there a green in the standard sail..
  10. nice.. but then you like me live a little country and you have to drive to another country just to a little kite to select from, he only have the normal rev EXP, SLE and b-serie. other models he will not sell, and as i have found out he very expensive about 500$ for a b-series standart.. and there is nowhere i can get a bag made in Denmark with out pay a lot of $ for it. and if i import it from a none EU country i most likely pay about 75% import tax... i know that i dont need a b-series STD, B-series custom STD and NYM in the bag. but i dont know before am on the field what rev i want to fly today.. i want some thing to select from.. :-) that is just me :-)
  11. well i can see i used the wrong frame for the wind it was about 3-7-8 i think.... i still learning what frame to use then. i though the black race only was only for light wind like 0-3 mph what order does the rods come in.. Black race 2 wrap 3 wrap 4 wrap Green race ????? i wish there some of you pilots around to learn from...
  12. Hey i use the multi kite bag from revolution its a nice bag, the only problem i having is that im starting to get to many revs they can not all be in the bag... i have hear some use something like a long sports bag, one big room and having the revs in there sleeves, but what do you do whit the lines and handle, do you just drop them down there and search for what you need then you are out flying.. so my quistions is what bag do you use and how you store lines and handles.?.?.?.
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