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26/09/2021 Blackheath




Happy to have a proper southerly breeze today on Blackheath.  It might have been in double figures some of the time so plenty to try the new bridles on the 1992 Roakkakus but not too much for the Zen sails on 150ft/45m lines.

I was somewhat surprised when preparing a launch for the first re-bridled kite as it seemed that I had hit the right spot in the configuration.  Only a slight adjustment was needed after a settled period of flight.  The second kite was good too, a slightly different small adjustment was required.  I could not see any significant difference in flight so may settle on the slightly longer bungee in the lower bridle leg.

The Roks were flying on the 100ft/30.5m lines which was as short as I though would be possible for stable flight.  The Zens interacted comfortably on the 150ft/45m lines with the fliers standing 20-30ft/6-9m upwind of the ground anchors for the Roks.  The Roks were on 2 strands of bungee at the anchor point and I will probably add a strand for single kit flying and more for stacked flying.

The two kites came down at one point and I decided to go with a trial stacked flight today.  Switching the bridle lines of the rear kite to the lead kite using larks heads was quick and easy.  Best of all the two kite stack performed beautifully.  There is some video but it is a bit unsteady.

The London Marathon takes place next Sunday starting from Blackheath so we will need to decide on a different venue.




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