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19/09/2021 Blackheath




So, today just topped off the last few weeks of low breeze with an almost absolute calm ‘gusting’ occasionally to 2 1/2 mph.  Little more than a cooling effect from one compass point or another.

We did wind out long lines for the Zens and had them in the air for a few minutes.

I decided to get on with preparing lines for the 1992 JMH Roks and re-set the two sets of spectra line to equal lengths and attached the second anchor point bungee element.  The configuration of the bungee element allows for the simple addition of extra lengths of bungee or shortening the length whichever turns out to be optimal.

I have prepared six standardised bridle lines, 3m each plus 20 cm knot space.  I will replace the shorter lines in the bridles of the two kites and replace the prototype bridle bungee arrangements.  The longer existing bridle lines will be shortened accordingly!

The attachment points for the standard bridle lines were set on the two kites here during the week and elements prepared for the other two kites.

I would like to try stacking the four Rokkaku kites with a 3m interval as I think that this could be a great target for the eight Not Zen sails in the 1992 graphic.  If it does not work there will be no loss and the idea of standardised bridle replacement lines seems like a good one.

There was a threat of rain in the forecast and given the lack of wind we wrapped early so that some of us could attend to the temporary relocation of the Peter Malinski Hex Train.




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