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23/05/2021 Blackheath




The forecasts suggested SW 15 mph gusting up to 30 mph and a risk of showers.  The wind meter confirmed 15 mph but gusts weren’t noticeable.

It was Xtra Vent and RSS sails, somewhat as expected and we flew for a while with Skúli Sverrissons Strata (featuring Bill Frisell) as accompaniment.  Dark clouds were looming from the South West and we caught the edge of a shower.

Having packed the Revolution kites it looked as if there was half an hour or more before the next shower and so I did get to put together the replacement pilot kite fro the Peter Malinski Train 1987.  I wanted to see how it behaved on the 5mm braided polyester line and of course to see it with the carefully manufactured fuzzy tail, all 12.5 metres of it!

It flew just fine and certainly carried the line.  There is a short video here:- https://youtu.be/K8pkWYYkCiU

And then another shower arrived!





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