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16/05/2021 Blackheath




Showers, potentially turning thundery were forecast for today with a SW airflow.

I arrived on Blackheath as a small shower approached and set up a Rev1.5 full vent.  The rain shower, when it arrived did not last long and it looked as if there would be about an hour before the next shower arrived, judging by the clouds on the SW horizon.

I had contemplated setting up the JMH 3m Rokkakus and did take them onto the field.  However, the rain radar showed a substantial band of rain rather than a local shower was approaching.  So, the Rokkakus will have to wait for another occasion ahead of a possible London based event at the end of June.

Work on the Malinski Hexagonal Train is almost completed as I have now attached connecting clips to all the tails.  I am wondering how best to manage the tails as attaching and un-attaching all of them is quite an undertaking even with clips in place.  I had found an additional supply of clips on 5 unopened sets of Rev2 Kevlar lines from the early days!  8 clips on each set of lines…




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