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While it was not actually raining at 7:44am this morning I had elected for a lie-in and was not at all surprised at the steady rainfall an hour an a half later.

After a slow start during the past week the intermittent work on the JMH Della Porta: Four rhomboids 1993 had proceeded successfully.  All the rusty steel elements have been replaced.  I’ll just need to decide whether to replace some of the spars now or wait until the ‘split ends’ become too difficult to manage.  Spare spars are available when needed.

I am looking forward to seeing a parcel of kite parts that Karen Svenstrup is sending from Denmark.  Included are some end caps that Jørgen had drilled ready for use and possibly some of the D rings that he used.

I will have to look more closely at the other kites that we have with the D rings.  I don’t think that any of them are as rusty as the ones in Della Porta: Four rhomboids 1993 but it will be good to have checked.




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