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06/12/2020 Blackheath




There was quite a bit of heavy rain about first thing and it looked as if it would be slow to clear but the sun broke through as I was leaving Hackney.

It did not last and Blackheath was under a curiously well articulated and varied cloudscape with brightness on east, south and west horizons.  There was a steady NNE breeze which measured up to 6mph briefly but was mostly 4-5mph.

It was noticeably muddy underfoot but the Zens with green race did not really need much walking.

Approaching brighter clouds from the north saw a gradual drop in the windspeed so it was a slightly shorter session than sometimes…  The latter part of the coming week is looking unsettled with rain coming in from the west but slightly warmer.

The fittings work continues and I have now got some 2.5mm stainless steel rod which is just right for the JMH Della Porta: Four rhomboids 1993.  The 16 pieces have been pre-formed ready for fitting in place of the rusty chromed steel.  It could be an exciting week!




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