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Blackheath 01/11/2020




Took a chance on the weather and while it was wet at about 10:30am the shower cleared and there was a good long break before the next one was closing in about 2 hours later.

The wind was measuring 17-20mph on the wind meter with stronger gusts and occasional lulls relatively speaking so the RSS Rev 1.5 sails were a handful but not overpowered most of the time.

We continued the no calls video recording but, somewhat as expected, the wind noise was too much for the camera to cope with so there was no useful result.  Given the flying conditions were quite testing at times it did not feel as if the moments were right anyway.

We have to figure out if it will be possible to continue flying through the lockdown.  Two people together is permitted for any length of time ‘exercising outdoors’.  A group might be a bit obvious in the middle of Blackheath!  Maybe it will be solo flying for the duration?




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