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Blackheath 25/10/2020




It was raining quite heavily as I set off for Blackheath from Hackney this morning.  There had been an indication that showers would clear by 10am.  On Blackheath there was some sign of clearing from the west but the shower cloud was slow in moving.

We set up full sail 1.5 Revs while it was still raining and were eventually rewarded with blue sky and sunshine.  The wind was SSW and steady but nowhere near the forecast 11-22mph.

No JMH kites today as it was just too wet underfoot and there was probably not enough wind for the late Della-Porta: Four Squares that I had put in the car along with the Hexagonal kite that I had made last year… Another time, maybe soon!

Further experimentation with the GoPro5 along with various tunes.  I will have to review that at some length later.

The news about Chris Beel has caused much reflection during the week.  We will miss his reliable presence at future events.




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