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09/08/2020 Blackheath




It was hot on Blackheath as forecast but the NE or E breeze held up most of the time so we had a good starting session with full sail 1.5 Revs.

I had decided that any other kites flown should be simple to put together or even requiring no frame at all as in the parafoils.

Having prepared a new spreader for the JMH 1987 Delta I obviously was hoping for the right conditions after the previous spreader break at launch.

I might have been a bit overcautious today but we set the kite on the point lines and I selected the tow point one step forwards from the midpoint. I had prepared c40 meters of 4mm braided polyester line and gradually let the kite out until I was able to transfer to the ground anchor completely. The spreader did not break and the kite exhibited 'user friendly' responses to low wind moments and also those times when the kite falls off a thermal element in the wind. I managed to catch some of these moments on video...







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