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02/08/2020 Blackheath




Lighter breeze today, 8mph was forecast but it was often less.  Full sail 1.5s with race rods were very comfortable and as there was not actually much in the way of thermal effect the breeze felt steady.  (Quite a bit of sun and I did remember to keep the hat on after last weeks scalp burn!)

There were some directional shifts that caused issues when we set about building the JMH Asymetric Stack 1995.  Part of the problem arose from some tangling or looping of the sets as we laid them out and checked alignment.

I set a peg in one of the power lines to set the angle of attack of the front set of sails.  This was a crude intervention and I will sew in a couple of attachment loops as a more permanent solution to the issue.

The wind was just a bit light for a fixed anchor point but we did get enough airtime for some very good photographs by Marian Linford.  A longer flying line may be practical with this stack.

When we packed the kites we made sure that there was no tangling of the sails.  There will still be a moment when extending the stack without all the spars where tangling could occur but the 3 dimensional maze should be minimised.




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