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21/06/2020 Blackheath




Another week of weather watching and once again we have been fortunate that early rain moved away to a drying breeze which was strong enough for our needs.

Ironically, when I arrived on site there was a bit of a long lull in the breeze, sufficient to set up a full sail 1.5.  I had been expecting to use a full vent and so it proved after a third flier arrived on site and set up a full sail.  We quickly changed to full vent with green race and had some subtle no calls interaction.

Then, as is the custom, we set up a JMH kite.  This time it was the 1994 Double Malay stack.  It is probably the equivalent of a seven Rev 1 stack so I had made an anchor point with the barge pins again.

After a couple of mis-steps we got the stack in the air and took turns on steading the bridle bar.  A simple turn of the bar seemed to have the desired input to the kites if they appeared to drift off line.

Quite how Jørgen managed to fly these kites without assistance I am not sure.  They are however obviously designed for a substantial breeze and a good ground anchor.  There was a magical sound of the wind resonating through the whole rig.  Wonderful! 




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