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18/08/2019 Blackheath




At the last moment I realised that there was going to be heavy rain coinciding with our usual arrival time on Blackheath so delayed departure.  I was then able to finish putting back together the blue section of the 1985 JMH kite train that we flew briefly at Portsmouth last weekend before setting off.

Light westerly/south westerly breeze so full sail 1.5s with race rods.  I had expected stronger breezes.

We put together two sections of the 1985 JMH train and had some good flying time before it became apparent that the last kite was regularly looping one way.  Bringing the train down was easy and it was clear that an arch could be sustained.  The trailing kite probably needs a stable lifter, long term, so I will set about finding the right one.

In the meantime, a couple of the line loops that hold the kites apart failed so they will need replacing as well as a heavier duty repair to some of the eyelets.

Looking forward to hearing news from WSIKF over the next few days.




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