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14/07/2019 Blackheath




Arrived soon after 10:30 am which was about the time that Jake had suggested he might get to the heath.

We had not had the chance to fly the JMH kites together for some time now and this was an opportunity to check some of the kites we may be able to fly next weekend in Shropshire.

First up, almost was the 8 diamond Della Porta.  Not quite enough wind again but it is clear that this ‘composition’ is completely viable.

The 1990 Parafoil which I have been partly re-bridling was then launched in the light NE breeze and performed very well indeed.  We removed the old ‘cut’ and repaired’ lines and I will leave any fine tuning until I have measured the profile of the larger 1991 kite.

Next up was the late delta with the light wind frame, mostly for Jake’s benefit but I really like flying that kite so was happy to have the opportunity again.

Finally we put together what had been known as the 1988 expandable box kite with 60 cells but it was missing any bridling set-up.  It was clear that this could be part of a larger composition and on checking the other bag back in Hackney it is obvious that it was the upper half of the kite from 1996, with 120 cells.  We will hope to get the whole kite together next weekend in Shropshire.  It will be worth the effort even if it does not get in the air.

We didn’t quite manage any rev flying on this occasion but I am sure that we will do a bit next weekend on Saturday and Sunday.




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