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07/07/2019 Blackheath




A light easterly breeze so Zens with green race today.  The high and low cloud threatened drizzle but it didn’t happen.  The ground was very wet from overnight rain and the plantain heads had sprung up over the last week.

Nothing called and there was an occasional lull which had us walking back, every which way, it seemed.  We had a visitor today who had seen the Revs from a passing bus.  He was a Blacksmith student at an institution in Herefordshire having completed the first of three years taking a summer break in London.

I had brought the 1990 JMH parafoil out with the intention of measuring the bridle lines.  This was duly done with the kite remaining in the ski bag to avoid getting it wet.  Three bridle lines have been replaced in parallel to repaired elements but they have not been finalised until the lengths have been checked against the overall profile.  Getting hold of George Hamm’s and Ed Wright’s design principles has proved to be a bit challenging.  At this stage we will probably just have to learn directly from Jørgen’s practical interpretation.  Having the larger and well tuned 1991 parafoil should give us some clues.

I hope to deal with the first of the two ‘stairway’ box constructions in the next week.  The main issue is rusty metal fittings.  It is probably impractical to replace with stainless steel so a clean and ‘prevent’ regime is in order.




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