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15/04/2019 After Berck




It was my 25th visit to Berck according to the records that we have.  Conditions were not forecast to be good but we survived the only one really wet day and mostly coped with the offshore wind spells.  The NE winds were often pushed round to a northerly flow by the sea-land tendency.

Conditions were not good for flying the JMH collection kites much of the time and there were space constraints.  It is not good manners to occupy temporarily vacant space where tethered kites have landed…  The large Delta kite was the one that proved very stable and with a small launch window so the obvious choice for the night fly on the final Saturday evening.

Travel to and from Berck was straightforwards and the grid lock on the final Sunday afternoon did not materialise but we found that we had to queue in a holding process before being able to check in at Eurotunnel for the return crossing.

Just a couple of repairs/finishing need to be done before repacking for Cervia.  Re-bridling the Rev1 four stacks may have to wait until we are on site.  I need to locate the rest of the spares.




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