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31/03/2019 Blackheath




Preparations rather than the clock change meant I did not get to Blackheath until 11:15am.  Quite a steady ENE breeze so we did put up full vented 1.5s with green race.  All very straightforwards so far!

I hoped to test fly some of the JMH kites today and started with the Della Porta: Four rhomboids 1993.  Not knowing this format of kite (same as Della Porta: 4 squares) I was anxious to find a way to manage the bridle initially and then move the kite to a safe launch point.  The kite is 4 metres tall, (measurements still to be amended on the collection site) so I positioned the kite at right angles to the flying line stake point and sorted the bridle with the ‘comb’ that Jørgen had fitted.  Then with a ‘helper’ on the line I gradually walked the kite into the wind window turning it upright up to the point that it was ready to launch.  The frame of the kite which is somewhat flexible was supported by the bridle at all times.  The kite launched and flew very well! <grins>

Next up was a more complicated affair, the Double Malay stack 1994.  As with the Double/Single Eddy stack 1989, the flying line was staked and the kites set up nose to the ground starting from the front of the stack.  We encountered some difficulty with the tails during set-up as well as a final 3 sail ‘loop through’.  Once set the whole stack was rolled to the ready position and as soon as the breeze was right the stack launched successfully.  The stack was flown from the ‘control bar’ initially but we found that it was stable enough to stake the bar.  To land and pack the stack was flown towards the edge of the window and pulled down by the flying line leaving all the tails to the downwind side.  Spars were removed starting at the back of the stack and the kites progressively bundled together with the tails free.  The tails were then looped together and bagged with the kites.

We then flew the Revs for a quick called session to wrap up the days flying.

I have to juggle kites and bags for transport to Berck but I think that we have test flown enough kites for that event and will have others to show at the Cervia event which follows very soon afterwards.




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