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30/09/2018 Blackheath

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Sunny to start with a light westerly breeze c10:30am.  I set up the full eight stack of Rev1s as at Dieppe but found that the ground surface was less consistent and provided less grip so quite quickly opted to split the stack into fours…  MW was more than happy to fly the four on the 200lb set of lines while I checked over the shorter 300lb set that I used to use on the six stack.

After some considerable corrections to this lineset we had the two four stacks in the air for quite some time before setting about team kit maintenance.

Switched green race leading edges back into the 1.5 JMH full vents, re-installed diamond leading edges in the 1.5 JMH full sails and de-spared the Not Zens for winter storage…

Then, back to the four stacks for a short time.  I had used a set of 15 inch handles for the 300lb lineset and found the extended range of movement to be advantageous as expected but without feeling too risky with ‘full on’ power.  I will try them on the full eight when the opportunity arises, in a lighter breeze!  We did witness ‘popped’end caps so might want to tighten the LE bungees at some point…

We may have the full contingent of Blackheath regulars on site next weekend!


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