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17/09/2018 After Dieppe

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Travel to Dieppe went smoothly and we had a chance for a stroll around town before registration and heading off to the gite in Puys.

We had varying numbers of fliers for the first three days but then were settled on eight from Tuesday morning onwards.

I had tentatively hoped that the opportunity to rig a stack of 8 Rev1s would arise during the week.  We duly tied two linked 4 stacks and the first fix was very successful.  I flew the stack alongside the 1991 20sq meter JMH parafoil which was a great sight.

The graphics on the JMH Rev 1s work extremely well in the stack…

The post Moscow project got an airing on Friday evening reasonably successfully but the ‘joke’ title of the group in Moscow needs to be discarded without delay.  Curious to be flying moves that I drew back in 2010, finally.  We did not get to do the full Dutch Windmill which was first flown at Portsmouth…

Great to be flying in a large group with consistent ‘graphics’ but there is massive opportunity to create something much more exciting than plain black!

Our journey back from Dieppe on Sunday was slow after arrival in the UK.  It took almost an hour to get out of the port at Newhaven and the M25 was blocked so we had to do a cross suburban route back to Blackheath and the Blackwall Tunnel…


Stack and Parafoil Dieppe Rev SIte.jpg

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