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05/08/2018 Blackheath

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After last weekend’s respite we were back to high summer today.  Intermittent light breeze from the SE generally but switching 90 degrees to either side.  No sign of the swifts which is what I would have expected…

Zens and CRs again but I set up some 15 inch clipless handles on a new set of lines.  The increased brake provided felt very ‘familiar’ so walking ‘fast’ downwind in a very light or no wind situation was now ‘possible’ with the larger sail.  I can now see that limiting the ‘forwards’ option, (more brake) prevents the sail load spilling in light wind and can appreciate that it would be very difficult to hit a ‘close to’ full sail loading just by feel!

The full vented JMH 1.5s LEs have been checked and oversewn where necessary.  The re-sewn JMH Not Zen sail arrived from San Diego so everything is ready for Portsmouth.

The weather forecast for next weekend is cooler and maybe a bit wet!


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