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12/08/2018 After Portsmouth

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Travel to Portsmouth was a bit dramatic for some of the team with repeated torrential downpours.

The event on Saturday was very well attended.  We set up close to the War Memorial as the 'other' end of the south side of the arena was dominated by ‘commercial operations’.

Not Zens were used extensively early in the day but the JMH mid vents came into play later…

Sunday was going to be wet but we had a narrow window in which to get prepared before the rain started.  It was a ‘one-kite’ day, that being the mid vent.  It did get very wet on site but by the end of the afternoon we were actually able to pack everything ‘dry’.

Interesting to meet with fliers who had originally met the team in Germany in 1989…


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Hello Felix. Still showing them how its done i see.Nice to read your report on here.Seems quiet these days.Facebook i am told is the way.Dont like it,trying it,but its still The Devil. Ashley looks well and hes grown a bit. 

Stay well and be lucky Felix.



Tell Dave Ellison he looked tierd to me at Exmouth. Take it easy, 

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Hello Big Bri,

I only log in once a week so only just saw your message.  It is quiet here but I have carried on posting out of habit really.  I have the complete document saved elsewhere now.

The team is working well... I am making a very brief visit to Lytham St. Annes if all goes to plan and then we are in Dieppe for the full event minus the last Sunday.

Take care...


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Hello Felix,

Be nice to catch you at Lytham Felix .I hope to make it.Just up the road from me as you know. Wigan Vs St Helen's on the Friday evening and the Lytham Night flying is a torment. A consultant Saturday morning holds the key to my visit  for the weekend.He may have to have a team of wild horses if its nice and blowing an8 or a prescription with,Go to Lytham Kite Festival on it  .Have a safe trip.Catch you soon pal.



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