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03/06/2018 Blackheath

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The prospect was for a typical June summer day on Blackheath so I had planned to do some further configuration on the ‘not-tent’ that we often use on festival sites as a cover for the kites and bags.

The green race rods for our personal  Zens had arrived before Scarborough, now was also the opportunity to distribute them and fly the kites which we did, taking advantage, or not, of the 180 degree shifts in direction.  The only safe place was at the top of the window but when that is really ‘straight up’ it can be a dizzying experience.

We did fly the Zens sporadically and wondered how the Basingstoke event was faring.  Light wind in a bowl is not likely to be easy.

The ‘not tent’ is now set with Rev spar end caps at all the guy rope fixing points, doubled up at the front and back of the ‘cover’.  I just need to locate the spare 4 wrap Rev 1 spars and we will be set to go…


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