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29/05/2018 After Scarborough

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The drive north on the Friday before the holiday weekend took about six and a half hours.  We followed a weather system and eventually encountered some rain.

There was time for a look around the town before heading to the local YHA.  We noticed that the castle was enveloped in the low cloud.

Saturday started with a much higher cloud base which remained a moody presence for much of the day.  The brisk northerly breeze was not warm but it was mostly consistent.

JMH Mid vents worked fine until being overpowered as the breeze strengthened towards the end of the day.  There was too much for the 1991 20 sq metre JMH parafoil.

Sunday was  a considerable contrast with clear blue skies, a similar northerly breeze, just a bit less of it.  JMH mid vents again but today we were able to fly the parafoil, first on a short line, and then later on about 20 metres of line.  It was almost at the limit for ‘hand holding‘ the kite but we found that releasing the line produced a quick collapse and landing.

Monday was forecast to be foggy.  It was bright and sunny at the YHA first thing but the upper part of the town and castle were in the fog/low cloud off the north sea.  The breeze was stronger and so we flew the RSS Spiders, at length for the first time, to good effect.

The drive back to London was much easier than anticipated.  From a long way north we became aware of a weather system to the south.  It had cleared London not long before we arrived home…


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