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02/05/2018 after Cervia

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02/05/2018 after Cervia

Somehow the note making gets neglected towards the end of this event.

The first clouds appeared on the 10th day.  The eleventh day had a difficult offshore breeze, known locally as ‘the mad wind’ as I understood it… There was a little rain at the end of the day.

The twelfth day was cloudy with light wind which eventually strengthened sufficiently to allow us some great final arena performances.

In summary we had 10 perfect Cervia days out of the 12!  We often had the ‘right sails and sparing’ just when we needed it… Altogether an amazing event.


27/04/2018 eighth day Cervia

There was a real 9/10 mph easterly across the Adriatic today so there was no issue with the morning breeze.  We started with full vents local to our base.  We switched to mid vents for the second after lunch session with our sound system in the North arena.

Typically, even though it had been a steady breeze all day by 5:00pm we had to switch to ‘Not Zens’ for the second part of our arena presentation and the mini mega fly of 15 kites.


26/04/2018 seventh day Cervia

It was supposed to be a ‘no arena’ day today but did not quite work out that way.

Not Zens first thing from some time after 10:30.  An early lunch and we had anticipated going to the North Field but the organisers did not think it necessary.

We did a short time in the arena and then the announcement regarding the North Field was made.  The request was for the ‘designated’ fliers to move for the rest of the event.

We did do a bit more in the arena before being asked to move on for a formal event.

Come 4:30pm it appeared that the ‘no arena’ idea had been dropped so we diid a presentation.  We opted for the mid vents which were at the top of their windspeed range really… No harm in getting to know the sails.

The sand was beginning to blow.  We should have been flying the RSS kites!


25/04/2018 sixth day Cervia

National holiday in Italy so very busy on the beach.

Short fly in the morning after the breeze began to build at about 10:30.

We had anticipated using the main arena after an early lunch but the organisers asked us to occupy the north arena which we did for about an hour and a half.  We were able to utilise our sound system for much of the time.  I did remember to take the units back to the hotel for a re-charge.

‘Not Zens’ in the morning,  mid vents early afternoon and full vents for the 5:00 pm arena spot.

A good 12 flier routine with Team For Fun


22/04/2018 third day Cervia

The parafoils, rokakkus and ‘tent’ had arrived the previous evening thanks to CR.

We pitch the tent on the Bagno side of the beach as there was still space.  A slightly ‘rusty’ set-up but I am sure it will get better during the following days.

There was not quite enough breeze to get the Parafoil aloft but our efforts were sufficient to dry the sail from the previous evening.

We had a morning session in the arena followed by an after lunch session.  We decided to stick with the ‘not Zens’ after lunch despite the gradually rising breeze.  We were just set to change sails when the formal presentations started somewhat after 2:30pm.

Our next session was with the RSS kites and we found them to be fine in team.  We even managed some fairly radicle 3 stack rotations in the sky.

The 5:30 arena presentation was with the full vents, not least to be compatible with Team For Fun in the ‘mega’ team fly at the end.


21/04/2018 second day Cervia

Notable for the night fly after the evening meal on the beach.

We flew the 20 sq Metre JMH Parafoil from the bridle.  Various people took a turn and much to their surprise managed very well.  The breeze was ‘just right!


20/04/2018 first day Cervia

We secured Bagno storage and set up all the Revs first thing. Setting up the kites is a ‘one off’ for this event…

The new ‘not Zens’ worked well on the 100ft lines.  We did check the 1.5 full sails with Diamond LE and Race uprights and there really wasn’t anything in it.  Either kite worked but our preference was for the larger sail for the remainder of the day.

Lunch was followed by a fairly long session in the arena before the formal event started at 2:30pm.

The breeze which had been from the north eased around to the east and eventually pretty much died away in time for our 4:30 arena spot.  We set up a bit early and did some slow flying but there was little else in the air on the festival site.

It was a great start to the event but the strength of the sun left some evidence of over exposure…


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