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17/04/2018 After Berck-Plage

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Delivery of the new Rev sails occurred on Monday 9th April.  41 Rev kites were duly packed ready for Berck and Cervia.

We had an excellent four days in Berck.

The 20 square meter parafoil flew beautifully, initially just from the bridle point, hand held, and later on the 100m x 5.00mm spectra which was wonderful to handle, and again, basically hand held.  Our older (to us) parafoil needs some tuning.

The new ‘1.5 proportioned Rev 1 format sail’ with green race rods worked very well indeed.  It was ‘out of the bag’ and straight into an arena spot there!

The mid vented JMH sails definitely filled the gap between the 1.5 sail and the full vented.  Just what we needed.

The wind today, Tuesday, was not as strong as forecast so we did not get to fly the RSS (Reflex Super Spider).

'Rest day' tomorrow than flying Heathrow to Bologna on Thursday ahead of 10 festival days in Cervia…


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