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05/06/2011 Blackheath

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A slight respite today, 1.5 Standard Vented 4 wrap was good for a late 11:00am start but thickening high cloud turned to rain early in the afternoon.

The current forecast is for rain next Sunday as well, maybe making up for the drought, this Spring, in SE England. I will take the wet weather gear, just to be sure...

Just before leaving Blackheath today we discussed some aspects of 'long arm' flying, using arms, shoulders and torso as well as moving on the ground to 'throw' the kite around the sky and achieve absolutely 'rigid' stops 'at any angle in the sky'. Light wind techniques translate directly into middle and high wind conditions providing that 'brake' settings are appropriate.


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Put into practice what we were discussing. Felt I had a real workout after you left although the pinned to the sky 'thang' still eludes me 'most of the time'


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Muscle memory takes time to develop. You cannot 'get it' all in one go... Very light wind flying allows you to get familiar with the stances slowly <grins>


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