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  1. REVflyer's post in Which kite to get for a beginner? was marked as the answer   
    B-Pros are excellent choices It will be many hours before you can do everything that kite is capable of,... it may be worn-out before you have mastered it's capabilities fully!
    If you lived on the coast or flew there regularly anyway, the mid-vent Pro or B2 full sail would be powered up and fun, probably on 12 or 13 inch no-snag handles, 100 feet on the Pro and 85' on the B2, good lengths to start. There will be days when these kites are NOT right for the conditions. Too windy or simply not enough,.. .that's life, but most of the time they should work either one.
    I'd like to see you join a local club & NOT buy a kite until you've spent some quality time learning, testing and comparing on OPKs. The difference in price between a Beetle and Bentley isn't that big when it comes to sport kites! You can afford the luxury model, you just don't know what that is yet and no amount of advice we provide equals how it feels on the ends of the line to you personally.
    You can watch instructional video too, (it wasn't available always, like it is now!) but what will cut years off the learning curve instead is for you to go meet up with some other pilots. Invest in gasoline, weekend excursions and some quality lunches, go meet the locals and save yourself a boat-load of wasted cash + making some new friends besides.
    Locally, you'd fly for a couple of years before you bought a kite if you followed our advise. Instead of a used, beginner or intermediate kite, we'd recommend you acquire a prefectly fitting Gortex rain-suit, pit-zips, ankles, etc and proper footwear first thing. When you look out the window and wonder if those idiots are out flying kites in tough weather, of course we are! There are no unacceptable conditions or bad flying spots, that is only a poorly equipped kiter complaining.
    We have lots of kites (50+ Revs personally) and a group of us fly together at least monthly. Many members have a bag stuffed full of Revs. Each of them is outfitted or customized as that pilot prefers. Newbies are invited to fly each kite lined-up, until they "connect" with one of them. That owner has to go get themselves onto a different kite. Do this enough times and you'll find what suits you. Some folks are off practicing by themselves, working on the basics of hover and inverted flight. Some folks are throwing it all around like it was on fire. Others are flying team or two revs at one time.
    The B2 can be learned on as a first kite, but that would not be my recommendation. It's too fast and wiggly to get a "feel" of in it's proper wind. Bigger, slower and more predictable in the beginning.
    The wind ranges sort of overlap between the various models and switching frames around expands this capability further. Some of us like it all slow, smooth and graceful, others prefer snappy instant response and almost overpowered flight. For example you could use a Diamond Frame in a full vent Pro and fly down around 10-12 mph comfortably, or you could use a green race frame in mid-vent pro and be just as happy. You might even choose to use a full sail B2, if you were 3-D flying around aggressively in turbulent swirling conditions. Each kite is still set-up for that low double digit wind at ground level. Experience and your wallet will dictate how deep you get into the hobby. I've been on these darn things for a couple decades, so 50 or 60 kites is just a couple acquired each year. My wife runs that household money and she's okay with that!
    Enjoy the journey
  2. REVflyer's post in "B" series vs. "B" series pro was marked as the answer   
    The B-Series Pro standard (sail built as an SUL) is the finest product REV has ever had their name on, at least in my limited experience.
    It is worth the price, worth the waiting time after ordering and the practice hours (if you haven't got 'em already) necessary to appreciate Bazzer's superior craftsmanship!
    A couple of sets of frames, line set lengths and this kite = any inland flier having a decade's worth of fun in hand, all for a few hundred bucks.
    Do you need this "ride"?, heck no! Will you enjoy it? ABSOLUTELY
    The difference between the B-Series & the Pro?
    It is the difference between a manufacturing line's steel knife and a hand-forged masterpiece Damascus steel blade. Both cut just fine, but one makes itself a part of your Chi!
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