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  1. @HaasF1Team Not ultra soft for #kmag please.

  2. @HaasF1Team I assume #kmag20 passed today’s test ? Fantastic

  3. @Rigspoliti_NC3 intet troværdigt ved den. Mailadresser, link etc. Alt er forkert.

  4. #poweråbning med kø https://t.co/VtwOmHflxz

  5. @HaasF1Team @KevinMagnussen @RenaultSportF1 @JolyonPalmer Surprising after you had a crazy Italian kill his car

  6. @HaasF1Team @RGrosjean Did you get #kmag20 car ready?

  7. @HaasF1Team @KevinMagnussen @RGrosjean Up to 9. #KM20 doing very good

  8. RT @HaasF1Team: Our #HF1RoadTrip hat has made its way back after an epic trip! Follow our page and RT for your chance to win! Winner chos…

  9. @RenaultSportF1 2nd race in a row Palmer hits another car from behind. He need to stay awake

  10. @RenaultSportF1 Now Palmer is last, and he even has the working car. Bad finish of the season. Should have given the good one to #kmag

  11. @RenaultSportF1 rumors goes that you are testing advanced future tech on Kevin’s car - Called Gaffers tape aka Engineers dream. Is it true?

  12. @RenaultSportF1 very unlucky time for safety car. You lose any chance. Loses a full round to those In front.

  13. @RenaultSportF1 Renault has been the kings of pit stop strategy for now. Good decisions.

  14. @HaasF1Team when will you announce the new first driver ?

  15. @RenaultSportF1 #LetsRaceTogetherContest let us have a good race in Brazil. Still waiting to hear who will drive with hulk.