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  1. I decided a couple of weeks ago to try shooting some HD videos using the camera on my smartphone, since it is capable of shooting HD 1080p definition with an 8 mpixel camera. Some phones have much more than that now, since my is a Nexus 4 which is almost 2 years old in it's design. In order to do this, I purchased an inexpensive tripod that would hold the phone, from Amazon for about $17, and a camera clamp mount to hold the phone for another $14 or so. I experimented with this rig this week, and brought it to the field this morning. The major problem I had was trying to see the screen
  2. I make them all equal, that way you can switch the top and bottom lines periodically to equalize the stretching.
  3. Been using 2 winders for months. You couldn't pay me enough to switch to one winder.
  4. Making no snag handles, which is easy to do, thread. http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/5968-no-snag-handles/?hl=%2Bsnag+%2Bhandles
  5. Added time to set up Rev with quad sticks, 30 seconds, insert two sticks and your done. Time saved by not having to stake kite and walking back and forth between kite and stakes, is enormous.
  6. Tons of information on the Quad section of Kitelife too. http://kitelife.com/forum/forum/13-quad-heads/ Here is a book in PDF form that I downloaded that has alot of information too. I put it on my smartphone so I can refer to it anytime. http://www.gwtwforum.com/pdf/revbook.pdf The book was written years ago but much of the basic info is still relevant.
  7. Like going from a car without power steering and brakes, to one with.
  8. Had that happen to me for the first time today, after about 30 hours of flying Revs. Couldn't figure out what was wrong until I saw one of the lines wrapped around the knot. Thought the Rev was possessed at first.
  9. Put the second set of Magic Sticks on my ReV SLE with the race rods in it this morning . As I suspected, after flying it for about 3 hours today, it lost the rubbery feeling that I experienced with the Race Rods, and seemed more solid. Flipping the wing was reduced greatly, compared to before the Magic Sticks. Same improvement in reverse flight and inverted hovering. I'm sold on the Magic Sticks and will put them on any new Rev i get.
  10. There was light wind at my local field today, so I got out the Rev 1.5 Std, and flew it a couple of hours. I tried the things I did Sunday on the B mid vent with the magic sticks installed, and it was like night and day. Kept flipping the wing while trying to fly in reverse, while I had no problems doing the same thing this past Sunday with the magic sticks, at a much faster speed by the way. Same thing with inverted hover, easy with the magic sticks, more difficult without. Walking back and forth to the kite, staking, etc... thanks but no thanks. When I got back to the house, I called
  11. I just put a review on Kitelife.com of my new Quad Sticks. http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/5914-magic-sticks-review/
  12. Got the Magic sticks today from Flying Smiles Kites. I took my time, and it took about 15 minutes to install and adjust them. Already flew 4 hours today prior to getting them in the mail, and now it's raining, so will wait till tomorrow to fly with them. I really like the ease of setting up, and breaking down the kite with the sticks installed, it's no problem, just pull the 2 rods out and fold up as normal.
  13. Had some good steady wind today, for a change Eventually,made about 10 climbs to the top of the window, inverted. Started out climbing to about 10 feet, and then gradually increased it. Prior to doing this I adjusted the trim on my Rev B, with alot more down, top leaders all the way out on the last knot.
  14. And the difference between the Green Race Rods and the Black Race Rods, besides the color, is what ?
  15. I ordered the 12". but may order the 16" for my 1.5 std, if I like them. Hoping they will cut down my walks back and forth to the kite to re-set it up , when the wind is not cooperating. Also like what I have read about the, stiffening the frame a bit.
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