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  1. Hey Felix thanks, I'll check the link, Cheers.
  2. Hi mam, thanks again for the tips and advice, will see how it goes next time out, Cheers.
  3. Hey thanks i like all the aspects you mentioned with springs attached, i think it was too windy for a first flight, the kite was flying me instead, will try in lighter winds next time, when my flying improves will try it without springs i fly power kites, but need to get use to the rev but loving it loads, played with the spring a little and got them both even, it may have been bent slightly in a crash thanks again, Cheers.
  4. Hi nice blog, i fly often at Blackheath, i fly on the field near the Army Cadet Base, do you guys list when you'r going to the heath. cheers
  5. Hi all flew my new EXP first time today had a great time, but noticed one of my Reflex springs doesn't seem to have as much tension as the other one, may have been damaged in a little crash, it didn't come with a spare, but got two spars instead of one, no complaints, and has any (new pilots) or fliers tried to fly without the springs, and what is the difference in flight between the two modes. Cheers.
  6. Hi Mak thanks for the info, no i'm still on stock leaders at the moment, JB recommended a set of his leaders which i should get very soon, flew my EXP first time today it was a bit windy but got in a few nice launches a couple of crashes an a few ok landings and then it rained haha, watching all those youtube video's helped a lot, i fly at Blackheath Common, which is near Greenwich i live in south east London, cheers.
  7. Hi Teresa new here, i saw a post on another forum suggesting around about 10 mph is a good wind for the EXP, i have just received mine but haven't flown yet, i'm also a new rev pilot. cheers This is the post i hope this helps No kite is suitable for light winds - unless the flier's skills are up to it. It takes a lot to learn light wind flying and do it right. Skills - not equipment is the single most important thing needed. Too many have chased that demon and lost. Does this mean that the proper equipment is useless - of course not! In both dual line and quads, there are models for light wind. Quads also offer you a variety of rods to choose from to meet your goals. But the finest equipment means nothing if you don't know how to use it. All about skills ...... There are countless options on a good beginner quad. Most have already been posted here.Any good quad with maybe 2 frame choices, would be a very satisfactory starter kite. Take the time to learn the basics in decent winds, then attempt light wind flying. No fun trying to learn control, when you are fighting to keep the sail aloft. Look for a 5-10 mph wind and get those basics down!
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