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  1. I’m in the process of doing a kite flying vid/sound design project and was ready to do some online testing.... Due to a situation these daze, and in my gathering of source material I remembered I had some vid of this kite so figured I would take a bit of a change of direction....and is appro...... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WDSj-RzbGLM bt
  2. Traded 2 for one dualie and a 0 wind Rev..... So down 2 then up one......16.... bt
  3. Wait a second....I used to have one of these in grey....wonderful kite....so what gives? http://www.kitepower.com/reviews/reflexreview.html bt
  4. Welcome Nigel, Great on ya to sign up..... I wouldn't say "better", just different...but to be confusing it is better in a way. I've never tried a B2 but I do notice a difference in flying a 1.5 vs a B1.5......more crisper for lack of a better term, so I'm imagining the same except a bit quicker... Others can explain better but the downward panels plus the deeper center panel do make a difference.... However I'm more partial to a Sedgwick style Rev 2 (as well as the 1's!!! See pix in link below.) I just like the sail/panel layout better. I wish they made a Sedg 1.5!!!! For example....but different sizes here....I have a Zen that is real nice but I also have a Robertshaw 1, which to me is more nice and it is somewhat based on the Sedg style..... They all are good!!!! bt
  5. You may also want to check this site out http://www.gwtwforum.com/ You have to join up to access the swap meet......I`ve bought and sold a bunch of stuff there over the years.... There`s kitelife as well. btw watcha got?? bt
  6. You didn't mention the two kites you have...1...1.5...2...blast....as there's another factor regarding line lengths...Yay more lines!!!! Use the 80' set as your median and get/make sets both shorter and longer....not to mention different weights... I don't enjoy 120' lines at all, so that means no team flying for me....sorry no interest either..... Fly pairs very rarely and we use 100' lines and both kites are vented 2's. 100' is tops and 40' is the minimum for me. And again different weights as well. Yay more lines!!! bt
  7. Thanks for reminding me... -1 1995 Rev 1... 19 bt
  8. I always thought a 1.5 in a Sedgwick panel layout would be way cool... I`m a huge Sedgwick fan and have both the hot and cool in both 1 and 2 sizes, plus an white/orange Sedg 2....also have a Robertshaw 1 which is based on a Sedgwick rather than a B/Zen layout.... I`d buy one! bt
  9. +1.....back up to 20. A Sedgwick 2!!! Plus a pic of the 1 and the 2...
  10. Was doing some line adjustment/attachment experiments....never mind didn`t work...today under a very interesting sky. When this happens I like to take out a mylar paneled 1.5 cause it looks really cool...refraction wise...and to see clouds/sun move through the panels....(not unlike seeing through the vents in a vented).... This makes for some fun and a bit different approach to flying. Flight is a little more "slippery"....this attribute also works well when this kite goes swimming.... Real cheapo camera....doesn`t do justice... I always thought an all mylar rev would be way cool.. bt
  11. -1.....solid red rev 2 Now at 19... bt
  12. +2 (20) Zen and Robertshaw 1 bt
  13. -3 sails here...kept the frames though. Down to 16 now. bt
  14. Yay for the REV 1!!!!! When the 1.5 was introduced I couldn`t stand them......too much of a compromise between the 1 and the 2 I thought...at the time. Took a couple of years....and many revs...to come to appreciate the 1.5 size and generally one of it`s models is the first out of the bag.... They are my "workhorses" but when a 1 does come out it makes it even more special. My 1`s always will be my faves!!! I have 3....2 Sedgewicks and a classic. Was going to get a Zen but spent the loot on some BMK dualies before they were no longer being made.....the 1 w/2wraps will suffice for now. bt
  15. Well there ya go.....now you'll have to get another 1 or two....what the hey.....might as well get a couple of 2's as well. I would love to get a Zen but in the last year I've been on a classic old school dualie kick....but did snag a "mini" Sedgewick 2 with a 2 wrap travel frame very recently....mmmm noodles for dinner again!!! bt
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