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  1. I purchased a B-Series Rev mid-vent Kite that came with a 3-wrap and Race frames. I've been using the 3-wrap and enjoying the heck out of it. I tend to fly when it's 10+ mph, never in light wind. (I just like the pull of a kite in stronger wind). My favorite wind is 15-20. Should I try the race frame? Is it too fragile for 10mph +? Will the kite fly ok? or should I be looking into getting a 4-wrap for the wind that I like to fly in?
  2. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and new to flying Revs. My first EXP is on the way and I'm already thinking of buying a full-vent B Series for 20+ winds which we get very often here in South Texas. Here's my question: The EXP will have a 3-wrap, the B Series comes with a 4-wrap and I have a choice of a 2nd frame. Should I get a 2-wrap to fly the EXP in light wind or should I just get another 3-wrap to keep on hand? BTW, I won't be flying the B until I've mastered the EXP. I'm totally excited to be part of the Rev Crowd!!
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