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  1. Series 2 available on clothes of the shop Cafepress. http://www.polokites.com/revopolo The most simple is to choose your kite in the shop, then to click on the "t-shirt icon" to view all clothes available with the model of Revopolo you're watching.
  2. The Series 2 is online http://www.polokites...nal/pub0-en.jpg
  3. http://www.polokites...al/pub1b-en.jpg
  4. Some indices in this new advertising... http://www.polokites...nal/pub1-en.jpg
  5. http://www.polokites...nal/pub2-en.jpg
  6. Thanks to the judges Hey Ben, no problem for me to wait March 2012, in the Revoclinic in Gandia/Spain for my Handles & my T-shirt (size XL) See you soon PS : Can't wait to see the new official DVD video of Revolution® Kites, with images from videos of all winners
  7. Hi all Here is the last video from Polokites Revopolo 1.5 HVTD & VTD, manufactured by "Los Hermanos Gonzalez", under license "Revolution® Kites". Thanks for watching (This video also participates to the current contest : http://www.revkites....ing-to-be-good)
  8. Yeahhh, very nice advertising photo from a friend : http://www.revkites....ites-advertisin
  9. Wouahou ! Very nice flight Marc
  10. No problem ovepitsme, don't worry, here is your video
  11. Hey oyepitsme, I found your video on Youtube Edit your post (or make a new) and just copy/past this : [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9V_hSz5aVg[/media] Edit : Nice flight ! You fly only since 3 months ??? Incredible And your video is very cool. Poor dog...
  12. Hey ! Thank you to all for your comments @ mousieo : I think you talk about the next "Revoclinic 2012 in Gandia/Spain"... I will be there too
  13. As promised, it's Saturday and here is my new video that I would like to propose for the contest. This video present the new HVTD (Half-VenTeD/mid-vented) & VTD (VenTeD) "Revopolo 1.5 printed - Polokites" manufactured by "Los Hermanos Gonzalez" under license of "Revolution® Kites". Thanks for watching
  14. Yes Ben, I arrive The new video that I would like to propose for the contest will be finished Friday or Saturday. Meanwhile, here are 3 other videos that, maybe, you have already saw. I don't know if I can propose them for the contest? In any case, if some images interest you, I will put those 3 videos on the DVD that I will send you, of course with the new video. You will receive a total of 4 videos.
  15. Yes John, your explanation is clear. Thank you. In fact, as I said above, me neither I have no response for some compatibility problems. particularly for the frame rate. Just want to clarify why I asked what will be the final media : It's to eventually permit to persons who don't have HD material to be allowed to participate, with their low quality videos. (Of course, at least with a regular DVD quality.) It was only for that Of course, if the possibilities of diffusion must be multiple (DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Youtube HD, etc.), I understand that at least a resolution of 720p is requested.
  16. Thank you John for your answer about the regular DVD. So, in this case the max resolution that accept this media is 720 x 480 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL). Why asked videos in high resolution (1280 x 720, or 1920 x 1280) ? Maybe it's only for another one destination as Youtube ? Other thing. If the final destination is a regular DVD : You say that it would be better to not change the "frame rate" to avoid the problems you described perfectly in your message, above. But I think these problems can not be avoided. Let me explain: If the finale destination is a regular DVD, a choice will have to be made for the final standard (NTSC or PAL). A priori, for the United States, it will be the standard NTSC (30 fps). And like the contest is international, some videos will arrive in PAL standard (25 fps). (And also 24 fps for HD progressive videos.) In any cases, conversions of the "frame rate" will must be made on some videos. (Except if the winners are only persons who have sent videos in NTSC ) I don't know what is the solution
  17. Hi John, Can you specify the finale destination media ? The videos which will be selected from the winners are going to be diffused on what sort of media exactly ? Normal DVD or Blu-ray Disc ? Thanks
  18. Hey !! Thank you very much Ben :) And thank you to "Grande Anse" to have asked the question What a wonderful idea Ben, this video contest !! I'm precisely working at this time on the next video for my website which will be used to promote the new versions HVTD (Half-VenTeD (or mid-vented)) and VTD (VenTeD) of the "Revopolo 1.5 printed" REVOLUTION®, manufactured by "Los Hermanos Gonzalez". I hope you will enjoy this new video. See you soon on the Rev forum.
  19. Hey ! Thank you all for your kind comments @ Goestoeleven : Don't worry, I understand why you made a relation with Bazzer and its rev' eyes because one day a person told me : "When your kite is reversed, your design looks like cat eyes." You see, you are in the true.
  20. Just some sand, stones, and a Revopolo
  21. New Revopolo 1.5 printed video :
  22. The sail without sewing of "Los Hermanos Gonzalez" meets a big success. Indeed, you are not the only one to have noticed the behavior so particular and so pleasant of the Revopolo 1.5 printed. Thank you Marc
  23. Don't hesitate to take and to show photos
  24. Thank you, it's cool I would be happy to welcome you all my friends on this beach too wide for me alone
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