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  1. Series 2 available on clothes of the shop Cafepress. http://www.polokites.com/revopolo The most simple is to choose your kite in the shop, then to click on the "t-shirt icon" to view all clothes available with the model of Revopolo you're watching.
  2. The Series 2 is online http://www.polokites...nal/pub0-en.jpg
  3. http://www.polokites...al/pub1b-en.jpg
  4. Some indices in this new advertising... http://www.polokites...nal/pub1-en.jpg
  5. http://www.polokites...nal/pub2-en.jpg
  6. Thanks to the judges Hey Ben, no problem for me to wait March 2012, in the Revoclinic in Gandia/Spain for my Handles & my T-shirt (size XL) See you soon PS : Can't wait to see the new official DVD video of Revolution® Kites, with images from videos of all winners
  7. Hi all Here is the last video from Polokites Revopolo 1.5 HVTD & VTD, manufactured by "Los Hermanos Gonzalez", under license "Revolution® Kites". Thanks for watching (This video also participates to the current contest : http://www.revkites....ing-to-be-good)
  8. Yeahhh, very nice advertising photo from a friend : http://www.revkites....ites-advertisin
  9. Wouahou ! Very nice flight Marc
  10. No problem ovepitsme, don't worry, here is your video
  11. Hey oyepitsme, I found your video on Youtube Edit your post (or make a new) and just copy/past this : [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9V_hSz5aVg[/media] Edit : Nice flight ! You fly only since 3 months ??? Incredible And your video is very cool. Poor dog...
  12. Hey ! Thank you to all for your comments @ mousieo : I think you talk about the next "Revoclinic 2012 in Gandia/Spain"... I will be there too
  13. As promised, it's Saturday and here is my new video that I would like to propose for the contest. This video present the new HVTD (Half-VenTeD/mid-vented) & VTD (VenTeD) "Revopolo 1.5 printed - Polokites" manufactured by "Los Hermanos Gonzalez" under license of "Revolution® Kites". Thanks for watching
  14. Yes Ben, I arrive The new video that I would like to propose for the contest will be finished Friday or Saturday. Meanwhile, here are 3 other videos that, maybe, you have already saw. I don't know if I can propose them for the contest? In any case, if some images interest you, I will put those 3 videos on the DVD that I will send you, of course with the new video. You will receive a total of 4 videos.
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