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  1. <sigh> I am sad. We've had to cancel our Pacific NW vacation, which takes Katie and I out of WSKIF and the megafly. </sigh>
  2. Wow, Joe, hope you're feeling better and can kick that cough. Leslie, if you're reading this- make Joe get some rest so he can get better! KFL was SO MUCH FUN! I'm home now, nursing my sunburned feet. And then the dogs rushed up to greet me, and stepped right on the worst part of my sunburn. But it's all good... I certainly hated to see the festival end, but already planning next year. Rev Riders- y'all totally rocked! Flying both teams together was genius, and a lot of fun- someone post the video! The only part I didn't enjoy was the times I had to stop having so much fun because I've been
  3. +3 for me, just received my new set of JB series 1.5 (standard, midvent and vented) in black/green. And they are gorgeous. Thanks, Lolly! :) (gotta take better pics with the kites in the sky)
  4. Happy birthday, Rich!! Hope you're having a fantastic b-day weekend! See you in two weeks at KFL.
  5. That's probably the hardest thing to do- legal expenses in copyright and patent enforcement are staggering. I'm going through this with my brother in trying to protect his patent for solar backpacks. There are a lot of unscrupulous businesspeople out there. And will violate as many laws, regulations, and trade agreements as is profitable. The only thing that really works outside the legal arena is lack of business- if nobody is buying, then there's no business. We have lost massive $$$ in sales in the past years because of patent infringements, especially manufacturers in China copying the pro
  6. Awesome, this is going to be so cool! It'll be good to meet you in person, Rich. Alas, the quad team I'm on (Quadzilla) won't be there- I'm there as part of a dual-line team (I love all kites!). We should have enough Rev pilots to have some fun though. Maybe do a night fly- are y'all outfitted for that? I expect that we'll all go out for some of the local fare at least one of those nights- good eats and music in this town. Man, I can't wait. Wasn't able to go last year.
  7. Wow, yes, it sounds like you're using some sort of polyester or nylon line. Lots of stretch. You will be amazed at flying a line that has around 2% stretch on full load (less than 1% stretch at 30% load). You inputs will seem instantaneous now. Went through the same revelation flying dual lines back in the 1980's. You're going to have some fun with that. :-)
  8. And Sammy is nominated for "best score of the year"! Awesome! You hardly ever see any kites of quality on craigslist. It happens, but not very often at all.
  9. team Austin End Of The Line will be there as well, looking forward to it. How many Rev pilots will we have there? Megafly, anyone? :-D
  10. dagnabbit

    peep oh

  11. Had to pull mine out of the case to make sure... yeah it looks like the real deal. All logos and model name in the right place, the right script, etc. The Revolution Super Blast was replaced by the Power Blast 2/4. I like the sail pattern on this one... never seen it before, always red/white or blue/white. Probably the only thing that gives me any doubt at all to it's authenticity, someone from Revolution could chime in and clarify this.
  12. -2 (sold my red B-series mid-vent and vented, and waiting for my order for my new full set of B-series to go in).
  13. Someone mentioned borrowing radios if from outside of the U.S.... I've got four radios that we use at other kite festivals that I'd be willing to loan to a "radio pool", anyone else?
  14. Odd, I've been finding that flights into Portland are cheaper than Sea-Tac (flying in from Austin), by about $25-$50. It's been my experience in the past that flying into Seattle costs more... Sea-Tac charges airlines more to land there and that cost is passed onto the passengers. Or at least, they used to (10 years ago), things might have changed since then. But looking up flights to SEA and PDX from AUS on Kayak.com, I'm finding flights into PDX are a little less expensive- not by a huge margin, but definitely less.
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